Reading Time: < 1 minutes

Participants: 2-20 people.

Duration: 5-8 minutes depending on group size

Materials Needed: People and Imagination

Establish the order of participants based on alphabetical order by first name.

The first participant begins any action (ex. brushing teeth). The more full-bodied the more fun the game will be!

Participant number two (next in alphabetical order) asks “What Are You Doing?”

First Participant replies “I am (ex. putting on my armor)….” anything other than what they are actually doing.

Second Participant beings pantomiming the action that person just stated they were doing (in the case of this example, putting on armor).

Third Participant asks “What are you doing?” and on it goes.

Ex: Annie pantomimes climbing a rope.

Barry asks “What are you doing?”.

Annie says “I’m sculpting Michelangelo’s David”.

Barry then begins pantomiming sculpting Michelangelo’s David.

Clarice asks Barry, “What are you doing?” (and on it goes!)

Tips for Activity Success:

  • Keep the actions community-friendly. If you don’t want to see your grandma do it, don’t suggest it.
  • If participants are having trouble coming up with actions , the facilitator may suggest themes (sports, things you do everyday, fixing something…), course relevant topics, or match their action with the first letter of their first name, etc.
  • Facilitators should ensure that all willing participants engage in the activity.
  • Activity may be cycled through as many times as desired.