Reading Time: < 1 minutes

Number of Participant (2-20)

Age Range (5+)

No Material Needed

This activity allows participants to take turns listening and being seen. Mirroring creates an opportunity to refine ensemble awareness and connection within the group, while encouraging creativity and movement generation.

Time required: (5-15 minutes)


Larger Groups: Participants take turns in leading movement that can be followed by all the others, possibly starting with simpler or slower movement. The whole group mirrors the leader’s movement choices. After a minute or two, the leader names the next person to lead. that person passes until several students have had a chance to lead. ┬áIf this is a very large class, you may want to ask for 5 volunteers who want to lead the movement. They can take turns leading everyone else, one at a time, passing it to the next one by name.

Small Groups- and Break out Rooms: In partners or in groups up to four, participants take turns leading the mirroring activity. The switching of movement leaders can develop from passing it using names into having everyone continuing to move while they attempt to all lead together, which requires additional group awareness.